DSL Modem Router GT701D How to port forwarding

Actiontec DSL Modem Router GT701D How to port forwarding.

First, Find your computer name.

Open the router setup screen. Start the browser of your computer, Enter key and type "" in the address field.

Open the Security menu.

The login screen, "admin" user name and "password" type the password.

Open the port forwarding menu.

First, from the pull-down menu here, I want the name of your PC found.

How to create do not have here Available Rules, open any port user settings. If the Available Rules have, and then click Add and click, you can open ports on Apply.

To create a custom set of rules, click the “User” radio button, then click New. The “Rule Management” screen appears.

25565/TCP, Minecraft server settings, sample description.

Can be changed to any number or protocol TCP / UDP and 25565 number, make any port open setting.

  1. Rule Name, anyport.
  2. Protocol, TCP
  3. Port Start, 25565.
  4. Port End, 25565.
  5. Port Map Start, OK be left blank. If you have to specify a range of ports, you can specify a local port forwarding.
  6. Apply, Click.

Click the User, click the anyport, we click the Add button. Anyport moves to Applie Rule.

In this state, click the Apply button, open port is allowed. Please note on the computer name.

Open port of the PS3 will use the DMZ.

Open the DMZ menu.

Checking in on the DMZ, from the pull-down menu in the name of PC, such as CECH-4000, please select the name of the PC3. Work is complete click Apply.


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