CRADLEPOINT MBR95 How to port forwarding

CRADLEPOINT MBR95 WIRELESS 4G/3G ROUTER How to port forwarding

Open the Settings screen MBR95. To access the administration pages, open a Web browser and type the hostname "cp /" or IP address "" into the address bar.

The login screen appears. The password, you can log in by typing "the last eight digits of the MAC address", it says at the bottom of the body MBR95.

Setting screen is open, I click open, the firewall network setting menu. We will add the setting to open ports in the Port Forwarding Rules.

Screen Port Forwarding Rules, I click the Add button.

You can be in the following items, and then type the required information, the open port.

  1. NAME, type the name of any user. Cases, the server
  2. USE Port Range is Put to use a range of ports, the check.
  3. Internet Port (s), Please type the port number.
  4. Local Computer, Select the IP address of the PC to open port from the pull-down menu.
  5. Local Port (s), be sure to type the same port number with number three Internet Port (s).
  6. Protocol, select UDP or TCP. OK in both

Sample configuration, port of Minecraft server is open. Check the IP address of the computer first.

  1. NAME, Minecraft.
  2. USE Port Range Not checked.
  3. Internet Port (s), 25565.
  4. Local Computer, Select IPAddress of the PC I found.
  5. Local Port (s), 25565.
  6. Protocol, TCP.

Work is complete. Click the Submit button.

How to open port on the PS3. PS3 uses the DMZ. From the DHCP server settings, please register first payout IPAddress and the MAC address of the PS3. Find the MAC address of the ps3

Find the MAC address of the PS3. Open the DHCP server in the network settings menu and then.

Click the Add button on the Reservations, please register to add as follows.

  1. Hostname, PS3.
  2. Hardware Addr, PS3 MAC Address.
  3. IP Addr,
  4. Enabled, Please check.
  5. Submit or Apply

Reserve IP Address setting is complete, open the firewall of the network settings menu, you can add to set DMZ, we're done.

CRADLEPOINT MBR95, support page

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