EA2700 EA3500 EA4500 Port Forwarding

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router EA2700 EA3500 EA4500 How to port forwarding.

To open the Settings screen router, log in using the user name and password that you register to access www.ciscoconnectcloud.com.

  1. Log into Cisco Connect Cloud.
  2. Under Router Settings, click Connectivity.
Before I look at the description port forwarding. Nintendo Wii, DS, if you have a PSP it's a little online game error, please disable this SPI. Online game a little error if he or she no longer has them. To disable the SPI, open the firewall menu. Under Router Settings, click Security. The Security page opens to the Firewall tab.Uncheck the Enable of IPv4, SAVE. Work is complete. Does not change the IPv6.

To display the port forwarding setting.

  1. Under Router Settings, click Security.
  2. Click the Apps and Gaming tab.
  3. Click Single Port Forwarding. The Single Port Forwarding screen opens.
  4. Click Add a new Single Port Forwarding.

Here, you can type the information open port, we add the setting.

  1. Application Name is the name of any user.
  2. External Port is the port number that you want to open
  3. The same port number as the Internal Port No. 3 also
  4. Protocol, select TCP / UDP. BOTH are both specified.
  5. The Device IP, type the IP address of the PC / PS3.
  6. Always Enabled is checked.

This is a sample configuration. Server configuration is Minecraft. Register the MAC Address of the PC or game console port to open the DHCP server before, we completed the IP address setting payout.

Confirmed the MAC Address, we make the booking process to the router.

  1. Under Router Settings, click Connectivity.
  2. Click the Local Network tab, then click DHCP Reservations. The DHCP Reservations list opens, which lists attached network devices and current DHCP reservations.

I refrain from the same number as the MAC Address that was confirmed, at the end of the IP address. I put a check in the Select. Click on the Add DHCP Reservations button.

When you are ready to return to the port forwarding, we add the server settings of Minecraft.

  1. Application Name is Minecraft.
  2. External Port is 25565.
  3. The same port number 25565.
  4. Protocol, select TCP.
  5. The Device IP, 22.
  6. Always Enabled is checked.

No. 22 of the IP address is the IP address of the reservations made by the setting DHCP. Was able to type, you're done click the SAVE button.

Open port of the PlayStation 3 is set in the DMZ.

Please apply the DMZ is PS3. You can easily open port.

Check the (physical address) MAC address of the PS3 first. Find the MAC address of the ps3

Confirmed the MAC Address, we will complete the work DHCP Reservations.

Next, open the Settings screen DMZ. Under Router Settings, click Security, then click the DMZ tab.

  1. DMZ is ON
  2. Click the View DHCP Client Table.

Click the SELECT button, the same as the MAC Address of the PS3 was confirmed. You Click the OK, we're done.

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  1. Do I have to make my IP Static for people to be able to join my Minecraft server or for me to Port Forward correctly?