DIR-605L Wireless N 300 port forwarding

How to set up forwarding or DMZ port of DIR-605L Wireless N 300.

How to open the setting screen of the DIR-605L will be able to type in the address field of the browser the URL of "http://dlinkrouter/ or", opened with the Enter key.

The login screen appears. Please type in the user name and admin. The password is blank. Click the Login button.

First, I want an explanation of port forwarding. I fixed as follows: IP address of the PC that you want to open the port in front of it. IP address is, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS is playing Marie, secondary DNS is blank or (Windows7 / VISTA)

After you open the router setup screen. Open the Advanced menu, then left to open the router forwarding. Please type the information you need to Rules.

  1. Name,The name is the name of a user-defined type. Cases, anyport
  2. IP address, IP address of the computer or terminal to be open port. Here I will explain in
  3. Public port,Type the standby port side (WAN) port public, Internet side. You can type range, only one port number is the same number type. Sample 80-80.
  4. Private port,I type the port to be used in a local area network. Basically, the same as public port number. Sample, if the public port 80-80, 80-80 and a private port.
  5. Traffic type,Please select the TCP / UDP / any

Described in the sample configuration setting, the Minecraft server.

  1. Name,mct
  2. IP address,
  3. Public port,25565-25565.
  4. Private port,25565-25565.
  5. Traffic type,TCP.
  6. Please check. Click the Save Settings button is now complete.

It is a sample other settings. Open port of the online game of AOE / AOK. TCP 47624 2300-2400 / UDP 2300-2400

DMZ PS3 Portforward

I fixed the IP address of the PS3.,,,, IP address and a subnet mask default router primary DNS and the secondary DNS is blank.

Please set your router then. Open the Advanced menu, open the firewall & DMZ menu. Please add the settings as follows.

  1. Please remove the check box for the SPI.
  2. Please put a check Enable DMZ.
  3. DMZ IPAddress,
  4. Click the Save Settings button is now complete.

Download DIR-605L Wireless N 300 manual


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  4. can you please make a tutorial for port forwarding a PS VITA so that the NAT TYPE 3 will change to NAT type 2

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    Mr.ZeMI XeMI. It is a NAT type 2 switching description of PSVITA.

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  12. how do i check my ports r forwarded and can u tell that how do i forward it for games like counter strike or minecraft>>>????

  13. I have forwarded my static ip in D-link DIR 300, but i am unable to access through url. Please somebody suggest me.