3COM 3CRWDR200 A-75 B-75 router how to port forward

3COM 3CRWDR200 A-75 B-75 is a guide to open ports on routers

To open the setting screen of the broadband router. Enter the URL box of your browser and type the

If you find a login page, you can log in and type "admin".

The router's configuration screen that opens, open the firewall menu. If you open a network port and a PC camera, set to open the virtual server. XBOX is configured from the DMZ to it or PSP PS3.

A description of the virtual server. To secure the IP address of the PC port to open., subnet mask is, default gateway, DNS is

Click the Add button in the Virtual Server menu.

A description of the input box of the virtual server

  1. Application name is the name of the user-defined tapu.
  2. Start-END Port, type the starting number and ending number to open port. Please type cases and 80 - 80, if port 80.
  3. Protocol, check the UDP or TCP. Both is also possible.
  4. To IP address, type the IP address of the PC port to open. Once you have fixed at, and type 50.
  5. Please put a check to be sure Enabule.

Open port is an example configuration samples, minecraft server.

  1. Application name minecraft.
  2. Start-END Port 25565 - 25565.
  3. Protocol, check the TCP.
  4. To IP address 50.
  5. Please put a check to be sure Enabule.

As shown in the diagram, please save the configuration information when you're set. Is complete

PlayStation 3 PSP XBOX, you can easily open port setting DMZ. Please fix or to check the IP address of each terminal. Case of a fixed IP address, the PS3, IP address, subnet mask of, the default router, primary DNS192.168.1.1

To configure the DMZ, open the firewall menu to open the DMZ menu, then type in the box and DMZ host IP address

Once you type, is complete click-click on the Apply button the save button.

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