Two port forwarding the same port number


Buffalo router is using. All you want to open the port manually.

Port forwarding first " TCP1-65535", forwarding the following ports, but I want to open port in this manner " TCP1-65535", with an error is better to set after the "This is set you will be warned as "You are.

Please tell me if you want, such as how to resolve. Please do not use you in the direction of the DMZ is a little bug will be appeared when you use it.


It is impossible because there are rules say it can be used in (a global IP address) of one Internet and one contract per one client.

Buffalo broadband router, you can output an error when a duplicate port number in the port forwarding settings.

In addition, the port number can be used in a single global IP address, but will be TCP/UDP1-65535, 80/TCP be forwarded to to the IP Masquerade of this broadband router, and forwarded to the the 25565/TCP I use the Internet to allow multiple simultaneous say in a way, it can be transferred from outside the port will be only one terminal. It is an error to set up port forwarding to and to each port 80 so is a violation of the rule.The same port number

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