Minecraft CATV Internet connection does not.


Nice to meet

with friends in online software called minecraft? I'd like to could. I end up here where HP was examined

Irassha~tsu but did have other people who suffer from the same bulletin board. Who has been using the Buffalo.Where we came to a halt and port settings for the screen it was different I

I just can not do it but does have a wiki that has been described in more detail about the PC is not up there

I want to convey information about the PC you're using. I do not know what might it say write

Thank you.


Thank you for application content more trouble, open the desired port, URL reference material, available in Buffalo.

But would like information, thank you so can be seen in the following range.

CATV: Example: the name of Internet subscribers.AOL for example, the name of the provider.Etc. WindowsXP: Example: the name of Windows version.BBR-4MG etc. Example: The model number of your router Buffalo.VirusBuster, etc.Example: the name of PC anti-virus software available

What could give me more information. In addition, please be aware that you may acknowledge by the Internet environment agreement can not open port.


Cable TV: A contract with an Internet.

Provider name:? I'm sorry

Windows7: Windows version name

I do not know your router model number of the Buffalo. I have not been put is nothing to buy Windows7: PC anti-virus software available name

Sorry for the less information


Contract with an Internet name, system name use Thank you for your router model number unknown detail.

I make sure I was allowed access from the history I can not only see more information on Sun TV cable provider is so because the cable TV

Perhaps, is the possibility of the contract likely to be a private IP address can not open port.

I think because there is no direct connection to the CATV modem router, check the IP address it received, its potential value if the start value is greater, such as 10 or 172 or 192.

If you connect a PC directly to the CATV modem to change, please turn off 10 minutes from rewiring the power of the CATV modem. Please return to the original 10 minutes after the power has been turned off the power of the CATV modems If you want to undo.

Check the IP address of Windows7

May I take a look at once I got.


Now was was examined. Open ports? Why can not I?


It has a private IP address, what you can query the contents of the following to the contract provider's way just in case.

Internet subscribers are assigned a private IP address Why?

If YES, check whether you can change IP address global agreement, if agreement can be changed if the charges are commensurate with who can open the port to check prices with changes to the global IP address.

If No, let's open port would make sure there are other routers exist so if it is a private IP address assigned global IP address even though the contract.

Thank you must check this time slot.

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