Medialink - Wireless N Router Port forwarding

Medialink Wireless N Router port forwarding how to.

To open the configuration screen of the router is Enter and then type in the URL of the browser.

Login screen will be displayed. Admin user name and type. You can find the router's configuration screen.

Set up port forwarding, you can set from the Virtual Server menu. Open the Port Range Forwarding.

  1. Starting port number
  2. Ending port number. If you type the starting number and the same start.
  3. IP address of the terminal to open port.
  4. Select the Protocol of UDP or TCP.
  5. Be sure to put a check Enable.

Samples. IP address of Windows7 is fixed to 80/TCP WEB server settings.

  1. Starting port number 80
  2. Ending port number 80
  3. IP address 50
  4. Select the Protocol of TCP
  5. Be sure to put a check Enable
  6. Apply

Sample port opening, of PSVita. To secure the IP address of PSVita.

  1. 80-80 / 50 / TCP
  2. 443-443 / 50 /TCP
  3. 5223-5223 / 50 / TCP
  4. 8080-8080 / 50 /TCP
  5. 3658-3658 / 50 UDP
  6. 3480-3480 / 50 / UDP
  7. 3478-3479 / 50 /BOTH
  8. 49152-65535 / 50 / UDP
  9. APPLY

Who want to open port more easily, use the Setup DMZ. You can easily open port. Virtual Server menu to open the DMZ.

For example, is complete fixed to the IP address of the PS3 if you can not invite or friend of the COD, when you type in the DMZ of the router configuration.

Static IP address PS3 (wired LAN connection)

Static IP address PS3 (wireless LAN connection)

Official Site Wireless N Router - Medialink. You can see the manual.

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