Linksys WRT54GL Port Range Forward

Is a guide to port forwarding linksys WRT54GL Broadband Router Cisco

Note, the Linksys router has the port open, but can not be in a different firmware version.

If that can not open the port from them have the other firmware of the router, input to set up port forwarding.

Download the firmware on the WRT54GL Linksys Support.Note, the router is broken and does not eliminate the power of the router to finish the firmware update. Please update the firmware at your own risk.

Open the configuration screen of WRT54GL

Open in the browser address. Enter admin for the password when you see the login screen. You can find the setting screen. (User name is not required)

If you can see the configuration screen, Applications and Gaming>>Port Range Locate the Forward. The input here.

A description of the input port open

  1. Application name Any name you like
  2. Start Open port number
  3. End Start the same as the port number of
  4. protocol Select TCP or UDP or both (BOTH will be TCP / UDP)
  5. IP address Input the IP address of the PS3 or PC you want to open port
  6. To enable it, always check

Input is a sample web server on port 80. (Almost the same but the difference is so little in old BEFSR41 router)

Other samples. Open port of COD

IP address of the PS3 is Input port is open sample of COD

Easy to open port in the DMZ

DMZ is set to open the Applications and Gaming> DMZ.Check the Enable.DMZ host IP address>>Input the IP address of the PC or PS3 you want to open port

If you have trouble if you can not open port. Please see the router from the status. There is a problem with the first IP address If you find a 10 or 192 or 172.

To resolve the problem there is a feature that connects the router to the modem WRT54GL. Internet contracts have not allocated the IP address or global. You need to look at this.

Is a manual download of WRT54GL

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