Linksys E1200 Port Range Forward

Linksys E1200 is a guide to open ports. This is an open port on your router settings and DMZ port forwarding range.

Linksys E1200 firmware update can be retrieved from the server and port of the Cisco download page is available.


Note, the router is broken and the power loss during the execution or downgrade firmware upload. You at your own risk.

Open the configuration screen of Linksys E1200. opens in the URL in your browser When the login screen is displayed. And input the password admin. (User ID is not required)

If you can see the configuration screen, Applications and Gaming>>Port Range Locate the Forward. The input here.

A description of the input port open

  1. Application name Any name you like
  2. Start Open port number
  3. End Start the same as the port number of
  4. protocol Select TCP or UDP or both (BOTH will be TCP / UDP)
  5. IP address Input the IP address of the PS3 or PC you want to open port
  6. To enable it, always check

Is a sample. Input port is open PSVITA.

The IP address of and PSVITA

Easy to open port in the DMZ

DMZ is set to open the Applications and Gaming> DMZ.Check the Enable.DMZ host IP address>>Input the IP address of the PC or PS3 you want to open port

If not switch to 3 >> 2 NAT type of PSVITA PS3 or even if you open port, please disable the SPI

Locate the Security-> Firewall. Disable the SPIFirewall.

Is a manual download of E1200


  1. Anonymous31.5.13

    Please consider having someone review and edit your instructions before you put them out for use. As written, your instructions are not very good.

    1. Anonymous19.5.14

      my could not portforwad i dont known why but it not want to port forwading

  2. Anonymous17.7.13

    Yeah it sounds like the instructions have been translated from the Chinese language to English with a dictionary, same with the DVR that I bought.

  3. Anonymous14.12.14

    Bad english. Bad instructions.