How to port forward 2Wire Gateway

2Wire is now a part of Pace. Open port on the 2Wire Gateway router is a guide.

This broadband router, which is to enable "port forwarding", is to have a personal firewall to allow the information, you want to open port.

Check the computer name first. PS3 and PSP, and I think that is displayed as it is. How to determine the computer name of a Windows PC, launch the command prompt can be found in "ipconfig / all" command. Hostname is the computer name is displayed.

How to start the command prompt, please see how to check IP address of XP or Windows7.

Displays the router's configuration screen. Press the Enter key in the address field of your browser and enter your router login address http://2wire.gateway.net.

Open the Firewall Firewall Setting from the menu on the menu screen.

In the item "Select a compute", select from the pull-down menu the name of the computer that open port.

Check the "Allow individual application".

Click the Add button, select the application name you want to open port. Application name that is allowed to communicate, AOE Once you have moved to the box on the right side, for example, click Save to DONE in the bottom right corner. Is complete.

If you open port is not set minecraft For example, you must manually add a list of minecraft. Put a check to allow, and then click the "Add a New User definde Application".

Adding an Application Profile

  • Application Name minecraft
  • Protocol TCP
  • Port from 25565 to 25565
  • Protocol Timeout (seconds) is a service to close the port to the specified time. In the blank
  • Map to Host Port so I think is used to convert port, in the blank.
  • Click DONE.

Click the Add button to select it and click minecraft added, go to the Hosted Applications, Click the Done. Is complete.

Firewall settings is difficult, open setting will use the DMZ port of PSVITA or PS3.

Select the name of the computer that you want to open or port from the PS3 menu select computer "Edit Firewall Settings" menu. Click Save (DMZplus mode) a. DONE Click Allow all applications. Is complete.

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