How to check MAC Address or IP address of the PSVita

Is a guide on how to determine the IP address and MAC Address of PSVita. 3G users who are connected by the Internet connection you do not need to do this in particular. Description MAC address registration is required for users or users who need to open port on the user are connected by a wireless Wi-Fi.

Is how to find (Physical address) MAC Address.MAC address so you can not see, but it can be found at the same time and see the IP address, and is not connected to Wi-Fi, explains how to find the MAC address only the first.

Open the Settings icon in the Vita


Open the system menu moves to the bottom of the Settings menu.

Open the System Information. You can find the (Physical address) MAC Address of PSVita there.

Can not find the IP address of the PSVita find, and not always connected to the wireless Wi-Fi. Please check that the SSID to connect to the green and in the next step.

Open the Settings icon in the Vita


Open the Network menu.

Open the Wi-Fi Settings menu.

Of wireless devices to connect to the SSID name will be displayed. You can see the IP address, touch the Return icon as if the light is green on the left side of the radio SSID name in the home.

If you do not have a green light to the SSID name of the destination radio equipment to complete the connection in the next step. Touch the name of the SSID.

Touch the connect. Return to return to the previous page in the lower left.

If you have a green lamp on the left side of the SSID, Please Return back to the previous page in the lower left.

When you return to the Network menu to open the Internet Connection status.

You can check the IP address of the Vita When you open a Internet Connection status. You can find the MAC address together.


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