How do I bridge mode switching BUFFALO G300NH


The other day, you can now play comfortably Playstation3 responsible for freeing the port of Corega BAR FX2 reference to the site.

However, I decided to move the room will be, connect the LAN cable to the router Corega BAR FX2, you are using a PC and Playstation3 in bridge mode to connect BUFFALO G300NH there.

PC you are connecting is automatically identified by IP, Playstation3 is a static IP configuration here

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Router:


An attempt was made to and Tsunago. I do, can no longer connect to the net line of Playstation3 did not seem BUFFALO routers can be set to bridge mode.

We would appreciate it if your professor about how to set the bridge mode of BUFFALO G300NH.

Corega BAR FX2 to Can be connected to the PS3

Corega BAR FX2 to BUFFALO G300NH to can not connect to the PS3

This can be easily expressed.

Thank you.


It was introduced here it is a model of it.


Bridge mode of procedure WZR-HP-G300NH is available if you switch to the OFF switch on the body

Please try to start or restart the connection test just to be sure the PS3 gotten switch to OFF and wait for the above, until it is turned off DIAG lamp, and then about 1-2 minutes from it.

Note: IP address of the PS3 does not matter in the automatic acquisition

May I also contacted me about sorry to trouble you, but if you do not go away if trouble.


There is no doubt that in the router.

Was to learn automatic IP and DNS settings for Playstation3.

When I bring up the game there, When I was connected to Corega was changed to STRICT NAT TYPE thing was from OPEN.

To OPEN this or do I in any way.


Sorry to trouble you Okake types of state attempts to communicate with the bridge mode.

I think that remains open port to the PS3 in the settings that you previously Corega

I think it cured merely by assigning the IP address of the PS3 settings there now.

If you do not know, what could you send up to capture the screen master@ settings that open port of Corega.

Router how to screen capture


Thank you very much.

OPEN NAT TYPE is now where you set the IP of Corega manual configuration instead of automatic.


NAT type is I'm glad I can change the OPEN without any problems. Thank you for contact us.

There is so comfortable in the Internet environment in the future.

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