Find the MAC address of the ps3

A guide to check the MAC address of the PS3 from the broadband router that connects, has been assigned

Open the menu Settings>>Network Settings

Open the menu Settings and Connection Status List

Scroll down to Settings and Connection Status List page it.

This is the MAC address (Said physical address) of the PS3

Are common wired LAN adapter and a wireless LAN adapter


  1. Anonymous29.10.12

    Hi. My Ps3 was recently stolen and I'm trying to figure the mac address to provide information to the police department to track it down. Can you tell me if the physical address of my wireless router is the same as the mac address on the Ps3?

  2. Anonymous29.10.12

    Hello. The wireless LAN side and cable LAN side of the Mac address of PS3 is also the same. The Mac address of a radio router should tell the police the Mac address by the side of WAN/Internet.
    Many of radio routers are stuck on somewhere in main parts with the seal. It may be possible to find it.

  3. Anonymous2.11.12

    Thanks for replying so quickly. So does it matter if I had the Ps3 running wired or wireless through my wireless router, the Ps3 mac address is still the same as the mac address of the seal on my router?

  4. Anonymous2.11.12

    You're welcome.MAC address of the PS3, the PS3 assigned number has a unique LAN adapter. Described hexadecimal.MAC address of the broadband router, the LAN adapter number with each assignment WAN / LAN broadband router. Described hexadecimal.Is not to have MAC address of PS3, MAC address of the broadband router, the same.

  5. Anonymous2.11.12

    I don't know what hexadecimals are, but I think I understand. Say my Ps3 was stolen, and the robber has been signing on to my account on my Ps3 system through a different router... Would my mac address on the Ps3 stay the same?

  6. Anonymous3.11.12

    Understand. Stolen accounts only PS3, this case has something different MAC address. Stolen the body of the PS3, this case is the same MAC address. I think on the Sony, but will guess, when you log in, and that information is also recorded for PS3.

    1. Anonymous6.11.12

      I got it. Thanks for your help.