DIR-601 WIRELESS N 150 port forwarding

A guide to setting "port forwarding" DIR-601 WIRELESS N 150.

"SPI" personal firewall to a broadband router this has been applied first. For example, if you want to log out after a while, the communication is interrupted or messenger, keep the issue of PS3 NAT Type 3, please disable S, of SPI than set up port forwarding. You might be able to get rid of the problem by Resona. If you can not eliminate the problem persists, please open ports or DMZ.

To open the Router configuration screen, press the Enter key and type in the URL of the browser on your PC. You can open the setting screen, type the user name admin.

Follow the steps in the release SPI firewall. Can not be applied to open port If you do not disable it. Open the Advanced menu to open the firewall. Save and uncheck the "Enable SPI". Please confirm or eliminate possible communication problems in this state first. If they do not change the communication situation even if you change this setting, please open port.

To open the port, who was in a static IP address or IP address of the PC PS3 will be completed easily set up. This section describes the IP address is

To release the PC port is port forwarding, PS3 is recommended to set DMZ.A description of the first transfer port. Open the advanced port forwarding from.

This section describes using the number 25565 minecraft server so many inquiries minecraft.

  1. name minecraft
  2. IP Address
  3. Ports to Open TCP 25565
  4. (Schedule & Inbound Filter) will remain the default
  5. Click the Save Settings button when you can input

Creating a PSP "game MPO" room, open setting 5730 (5730-5739) / UDP port

  1. name mpo
  2. IP Address
  3. Ports to Open UDP 5730
  4. (Schedule & Inbound Filter) will remain the default
  5. Click the Save Settings button when you can input

Is a description DMZ setting of the PS3. It is preferable to set up and open DMZ port of the PS3 is because you need to open the specified port number to port to another online game in addition to 3658/3478/3479UDP 80/4433478/3479/3480/5223/8080TCP port.

Open the "Firewall Settings" from the Advanced menu.

Turn on the Enable DMZ check. Type the IP address of the PS3 to the DMZ IP address. Case, When you are finished, click on the SAVE Settings.

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