D-Link DIR-825 Port Forwarding

How to open D-Link DIR-825 port

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To open the router settings screen, is the Enter key and type in the URL in your browser

The user name is admin. There is no password. If you are able to see the character image authentication, then you will need to log in image Type the characters shown in the figure.

Settings screen opens, you can open ports in the port forwarding the same as "DIR-601 or D-link DIR-655".

Sample configuration, open MPO port of the PS3. To secure the IP address of the PS3 first. IP address is, subnet mask is, the default router is, Primary DNS is, no secondary DNS.

Open the port forwarding menu in the Advanced menu. Note the same port forwarding is possible, even the virtual server configuration. OK either

Mgo name, IP address, TCP is not required, type 5730 in the UDP. Click on the save is complete Settings.

PS3, PSP, PSVITA. If you have a NAT type 3 IP fragments and packet, please disable the SPI Firewall in the following ways.

Open the Advanced menu to open the firewall settings. Remove the check Enable SPI. Click the Save Settings. Is complete.

IP Fragment packet is no longer has, will have a NAT Type 3/2.

PS3 is still more of, how to PSP, of PSVITA, please be fixed to the IP address I think no longer have to type in the DMZ and then scroll down the page of the firewall Settings, and open all of the ports.

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