Can not participate are invited Call of Duty: Black Ops, Friends on the PS3


Are doing online Black Ops Call of Duty on the PS3. Can not participate are invited to the Friends of the online game is a problem.

I arrived here we examine the color, I do not know if their own what to do a bit more difficult.I'm sorry, but I will not tell me?

The line is wired to the PS3 from the private modem ADSL. PC is connected by radio.

Thank you.


Thank you for teaching content trouble entering state line, client name, the router name, the screen is set to the router is not, in the name of the provider.

There can be caused by a double router maybe, what you can give me the IP address of the PlayStation 3 just in case.

IP address of the PS3 verification procedure

Can I not login to the router and then Why does not pass the user name or password? Risk is a little big so do not If you do not initialize the router of NEC and that if so.


Once you have set up procedures must reason was the site here. However, it did not cause you a fixed IP address was set back to see the Black Ops and also moderated. Why not know if I've set in the Mac address.

Reconfigure the IP address is fixed from now. It also plans to feature OFF UpUn Incidentally, this is why I will not? CODBO type of NAT was back to moderation.


Thank you for confirmation of an IP address.

Fixed IP PS3, please

Fixed IP address of the PS3. IP address is Subnet Mask Default Router DNS Secondary is required.

Open the advanced settings from Advanced Settings, What Could you try to open port like the sample shown in the illustration.

From advanced settings. Remove the check of UPnP. Check the DMZ host. IP address of the DMZ. From the configuration register. I supposed to change the NAT type at least, what can I check once.

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