Can not open port of D-link router BitTorrent

Can not open port of D-link router BitTorrent

Nice to meet. Work could not open port, was to come to a consultation.

BitTorrent software use

(Fixed) IP address

Subnet Mask:

Default gateway:


Router is using a PC connected LAN cable D-link


Port was not open to start off the firewall

McAfee security software

BitTorrent port number 11111

RE:Can not open port of D-link router BitTorrent

Contents of trouble, the value of the IP address, modem, router name environment detail LAN, name OS, security available, Thank you for configuration information and various.

It is a state place let me look, the setting is no problem. And IP address, but I think in other network environments with no problem, if it is not finally resolved is once again the firewall settings of McAfee If you can not open port if so there is a possibility firewall McAfee interfere What may be asked to review.

RE:Can not open port of D-link router BitTorrent

After you disable the firewall of McAfee, was able to safely open port. Thank you.


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