BUFFALO WZR-HP-G300NH Port Forwarding

Is a guide BUFFALO WZR-HP-G300NH open port

To see the configuration screen WZR-HP-G300NH address from your browser will open. Root user name in the login screen input. You can find a set in this screen.

LAN Config >> find Port Forwarding.

ADD Port Forwarding.Then input the necessary information here

  1. Group Name Any name you like
  2. Internet side IP Address Not be changed.
  3. Protocol. Decision "TCP port Manual Setup" or "UDP port Manual Setup"
  4. Port Number Open port number
  5. LAN side IP Address Input the IPAddress of the PS3 or PC to open port
  6. "LAN Side Port" will be used to convert input port. The default is no input.

Is a sample. IP address of the PC port to open. There are 80 server port number.

  1. Group server
  2. Internet side IP Address Not be changed.
  3. Protocol TCP port Manual Setup
  4. Port Number 80
  5. LAN side IP Address
  6. Add

PS3 or PSVITA Please refer any open port in the DMZ.

Please find the DMZ of the LAN Config."IP address of DMZ"Then input the IP address of the client you want to open port or PS3 here.

This is the firmware download page or other documentation for the WZR-HP-G300NH

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