About the failure of open port with more than 3 LAN adapter


OS is XP.

You do not have the actual cause is the idea that it is in the DS WiFiUSB friend had been stabbed in a long time.

To turn off the wireless without any kind is possible as long as I would read a description of here, I like very much have a spot?

Please tell us also means if possible.


Hello.Thank you for troubleshooting network information.

The problem is three individual LAN, there is no problem so basically when handling invalid could be built or if you have not set connection to a PC or a physical adapter.

Why do not lead anything. ?


I ended up in pieces LAN3 problem when being examined do not go so well open port.

The problem I get is not open for some time, previously I was able to open, you can not when you try to open again.

When being examined, not this might be causing your problem? I think I asked.

The opening did not go well even though the disabled.

Is, the device of the wireless network connection "Realtek RTL8187 Wireless 802.11g 54Mbps USB 2.0 Network Adapter # 2" Has become, but what is "# 2"? I thought so indelible specifications can also be noticed and removed, and what have WiFiUSB. What all this misunderstanding?


If there is no physical adapter to the computer, but it has become disabled, sorry to trouble you Okake state on the screen "802.11g 54Mbps USB 2.0 Network Adapter # 2 Realtek RTL8187 Wireless" is present.

I do not say anything and do not look a little closer look at the status of the LAN, network connection the next screen (for example, XP) and the Local Area Connection screen, wireless adapter Realtek RTL8187 Wireless 802.11g 54Mbps USB 2.0 Network Adapter # 2

I think in particular there is no problem if only these two ranges. (Broadband connection, except IEEE1394 connection)

XP network connection screen.

Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet Connection -> Network Connection

I think that you make sure Moraere now because once you think if the USB wireless LAN has been removed from the PC so there is no impact.

If you can not still open port LAN adapter without problems, it may be there is a problem with the application.

Could you guide us if you do not mind because it may be possible if you can give me information from my way you want to open port state and port number are connected by wired or wireless router name and.


Is that so? What is the adapter does not matter

PC is connected to a wired router and I'm currently using OPT-100E. Port number that you are trying to open is 25565.

# 2 of the device itself is disabled. After, IP of the local area who will have been fixed.


Sorry to trouble you Okake connection router name, port number, and wired.

Open port on the OPT-100E

Please re-fixed as follows, but the IP address is and has been fixed.

(From the Local Area Connection Properties) fixed IP address

Open a Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4)

IP address

Subnet Mask

Default gateway


Alternate DNS blank

OPT100E open port

Open the, log in as admin user name

Please open port setting of previously fabricated one of the following only on the Remove All.

Protocol TCP (I did not specified) IP address conversion

25565: the first port

25565: Port End

Is over.


It seems to have caused a fundamental mistake!

It was displayed and not doing is also open several times, was not how to launch the app you want to use.

I checked up and soft, you could check the opening of the port.

Was very sorry.


No, I is not open port has been without problems. Thank you for contact us. There is so comfortable in the Internet environment in the future.

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