3366C-ENT ADSL Router Port Forwarding

Is how to open port 3366C-ENT ADSL Router. This model is configured from the telnet command prompt.

How to start a command prompt, you can see the confirmation page, check the IP address or IP address of Windwos7 of WindowsXP.

When you start the command prompt, Type telnet at the prompt and press the Enter key. To display the setting screen in the (Apple) computer, please see the Configuration Access in the Motorola Business Class Gateways & Routers MAC.

The router's configuration menu will be displayed. The operation is the arrow keys. Decision is the Enter key.

To view the port forwarding configuration screen, Quick Menu -> Network Address Translation Show / Change Server List-> Easy-Servers Opens in the order.

This section describes how to port forwarding in the port number of 25565 minecraft. To secure it to the IP address of the XP or Windows7. The subnet mask is, default gateway, DNS is

Enter key is the arrow keys to select the other in ("Easy-Server") menu Add NAT Server.

And each of the External Port Start External Port Start Change to 25,565, respectively. You can open any port if you change the port number you want to open Note, the port number here.

Next, select the server private IP address, change it to

Next, select the public IP address, change it to

Next, select the protocol, change the TCP.

Next, select the Internal Port Start, and then changed to 25565. Is the same number as the External Port. This is a service for which you want to specify the port number to be transferred within the LAN.

All input is complete, Enter key Select ADD NAT SERVER

Press Esc key back to the Main Menu screen. Navigate to Utilities & Diagnostics using the arrow key and press the Enter key. The Utilities & Diagnostics screen appears. Navigate to Restart System using the arrow key and press the Enter key. Select CONTINUE at the warning message. Press the Enter key to restart. Will be completed in this setting.

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