2247-62-10NA Port Forwarding

2247-62-10NA Motorora router, how to set up port forwarding

To open the setting screen of the broadband router. Enter to add the settings in the browser address box of the PC by typing ""

Login screen is displayed, type the password can open the router setup screen, but if you log in and type the person has set a admin password for the user name.

Open the Gaming Menu.

You can set up port forwarding from the page "(Games and Other Services) NAT". Select the name of the Application can be completed in port from in the box that you want to open the service menu.

Note, private port number 49152-65535 (BOTH). Port forwarding in this range will use IP passthrough setting. Are described in the manual. Application to use private IP pass-through port, please complete the configuration (eg, BitTorrent).

If you do not, you can add user-defined settings manually in the services list. Click the Define Custom Service button.

Select Port Forwarding: Range of Ports. Please click the Next button.

Type the necessary information to the port range box.

  1. Service Name/ type the name of the user-defined. Case, any
  2. Global port range. Type the number you want to open port.
  3. Base host port. Type the same port as global port range.
  4. Protocol. Select the protocol UDP or TCP Application to use.

Sample set. This setting is minecraft server. You can also add another set of Application by replacing the port number of the Application you want to open a port number 25565.

  1. Service Name any
  2. Global port range 25565 - 25565
  3. Base host port 25565
  4. Protocol TCP

Click the NEXT button.

Click the DONE button.

Return to the gaming menu. From the Service Name, please select any settings that you added. Click the Enable butane.

In the Enable service, select the IP address of the PC port to open. Click the Enable button if you choose. How to check the IP address, please find the Windows7 or WindowsXP.

Next, open the firewall menu to change the firewall level to Low. Click the save changes button. Is complete.


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