2246N-VGx Port Forwarding

Is a guide to open ports 2246N-VGx broadband router.

Enter to add the settings in the browser address box of the PC by typing ""

Login screen is displayed, type the password can open the router setup screen, but if you log in and type the person has set a admin password for the user name.

Settings screen opens, click the Configure link, open the Advanced link. Click the Pinholes link under NAT.Click the Add button in Pinholes screen.

Click the ADD button to add it to set up port forwarding.

A description of "Pinhole Entry box".

  1. Pinhole Name User-defined name
  2. Protocol Select TCP or UDP in the Protocol drop-down menu
  3. External Port Start Starting port number
  4. External Port End End port number
  5. Internal IP Address Type the IP address of the PS3 or the PC you want to open ports that connect to the broadband router
  6. Internal Por Internal transfer port. If you do not convert port and then type the same number "External Port Start and End" port.

Click the Submit button when done

To secure it to the IP address is a sample, of WindowsXP of minecraft server. The subnet mask is The default gateway is DNS is

Click on the yellow alert icon.

Click the Save and Restart. Will be completed. Since there may be fluctuations in the global IP address for the router to reboot it, please check just to be sure the server address of minecraft. My Global IP

To configure the port forwarding the PS3. The open port to this port number addressed to all PS3 "UDP 3478,3479,3658" "TCP 80,443,3478,3479,3480,5223,8080". The service is easy if there is a DMZ, the DMZ is not set. So please add individually.

To secure the IP address of the PS3. (Static IP address PS3 (wired LAN connection)) IP address, subnet mask of, the default router, DNS192.168.1.254

This setting is open port of TCP Protocol.

This setting is No. TCP/80

This setting is No. TCP/443

This setting is No. TCP/5223

This setting is No. TCP/8080

This setting is No. TCP/3478

This setting is No. TCP/3479

This setting is No. TCP/3480

Note is to set the UDP protocol from here.

This setting is No. UDP/3478

This setting is No. UDP/3479

This setting is No. UDP/3658

Please then save the configuration changes that you've added all of the router. Here

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