SBG900 Port forwarding DMZ

Motorola SBG900 Open port on the guide Please input the steps here, the port number you want to transfer

Manual of SBG900

Enter key to open the configuration screen, type in the address field of Internet Explorer / Chrome browser the address of the
You input the login screen appears

Motorola user ID admin password

When you see the settings screen, click the port forwarding menu, please see the config

Input description of the port forwarding config

  1. Template: Typically, you create any of the settings choose Custom, you want to set the port used by the application server from the menu on the purpose here because it is easy to set in advance such as HTTP or FTP server-related select the setting. Name: Enter the name of any of the settings that create
  2. Port Start: Enter the port number to open I enter the port number here also open a single port case::
  3. Port End 5370 If you want to open one number is specified as shown below Enter the number of the end of the IP address of the device to be open:
  4. LAN IP Address. Please enter an address only if you say 10 for example Please put a check box make sure to check the box if you want to enable: Enable.

Once you have input, and then restart the router in order under

  1. Click the Add button
  2. Check the Enable table
  3. Click Apply Potain
  4. The port is open if you restart the router by clicking the Reboot

PlayStation 3, PSVITA NAT type 3 >> NAT Type 2 Use the DMZ.Please find the Mac address of the PS3/VITA.

Please look at the LAN >> nat config

The input as follows

  1. Enable Nat is always checked
  2. MAC Address MAC Address PS3/PSVITA of the input
  3. Bypass Firewall check
  4. Add Click

Please look at the DHCP lease then

DMZ Host Disable

Change in the DMZ Host Disable >> Enable Click the Add button Click the Reboot I think this will be NAT type is 2

Note, DMZ and port forwarding can not be shared. DMZ will be given priority

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